Oh! It's a good day when you can eat English Sweets!
We carry an assortment of English favourites. Don't see what you are looking for, just ask,
we may be able to get it for you. 
Shipping available.

Cadbury's Flake  $2.75
Cadbury's Eclairs $4.00
Curly Wurly $1.50
Crunchie $2.75
Fudge Bar $1.50
Malteasers  $2.75
Twirl  $3.00
Minstrels  $3.00
Milky Bar  $2.50

Mints & Candy

Murray Mints  $2.75
Sherbet Lemons  $5.25
Extra Strong Mints  $1.50
Simpkin Cherry Drops  $7.50
Fruit Pastilles  $2.75
Clotted Cream Toffee  $9.00


Club Mint single $0.90
Jammie Dodgers  $3.50
Twiglets  $2.25
Other Goodies

Haywards Pickled Onions  $8.00


Fancy something different? Just let us know, we will try and get for you.