Holiday Pies & Goodies

The Holidays are a Baker's favourite time of the year. So many options, so many delicious things to bake and share........ Val's will be offering the following baked goods and will be by PRE-ORDER only.  All baked in house and with the finest, loveliest ingredients. If anything tickles your fancy, just place the order and pick up at your convenience. Looking for a gift basket? We have those too!

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Apple Pie
A sweet French pastry case chock full of apples and my own blend of spices.
Serves 4-6


Bourbon Pecan Pie
A buttery bottom crust filled to the brim with roasted pecans and a gooey bourbon infused syrup.
Serves 4-6


Pumpkin Pie
All American and a holiday favourite.
Serves 4-6


Cranberry Pecan Cake
A not too sweet upside down cake that you serve warm with your favourite ice cream. Made with fresh cranberries and toasted pecans.
Serves 8-10


Apple Cake
The best use of apples in my opinion! Chunks of apples galore in a moist cake
spiced with
cinnamon and allspice.
Serves 8-1 


Mince Pies
An English must have over the holidays. Individual mini pies made with a  sweet French pastry. I make my own mincemeat and let it soak in brandy for a month.......yum.

Cranberry Salad
A delicious refreshing gelatin salad with fresh cranberries, orange and apple.
The perfect accompaniment to a turkey dinner or that day after sandwich.
Sold by the 16oz container.

Christmas Fruit Cake
These mini loaf fruit cakes are not your average dry fruit cakes that you may have had in the past! They are gift-giving size and are loaded with all kinds of dried fruit.  Soaked in brandy.  Ho Ho Ho

Holiday Chutney
Sold by the 8oz jar,
Dresses up any turkey or ham dish.

French Meat Pie
A classic for the holidays. Serves 4-6.

Val's Sweet Shop
Imported from the UK and ready to get on your table!
Christmas pudding, brandy butter, Celebrations tin candy, Malteaser boxes, After Eights, Maynards Jelly Babies, Licorice Allsorts, Wine Gums and more!

Gift Baskets
We will have an assortment of ready-made and custom gift baskets to suit your needs.
Prices vary.

Gift Certificates
Available to pick up in the shop.
$25 - $100
Or "Tea for One & Tea for Two"